Contributing & Contact

Donation & Digitization Program

The Archive gladly accepts any material that furthers our mission in providing access to historic Korean images. All donated material is scanned to U.S. National Archives and Records Administration standards, properly stored for posterity, and published on our website where relevant.  As a part of our digitization process, we provide HD digital scans of any donated material to their original owners free of charge, giving donors continued direct access to their images.  We currently accept & process:

- 35mm slides
- Negative film
- Film reels (8mm, 16mm, 35mm)
- Photo prints

    Please fill out a Donation Form if you are interested in donating, and we will soon contact you with more information to complete the donation process.

    Monetary Donations

    We accept monetary donations via PayPal (one-time donations) and Patreon (recurring monthly donations) to help cover the Archive's expenses:

    - Website, domain & email hosting
    - Image processing software
    - Hard drives & cloud storage to store scans
    - Archival storage material

    Identification & Volunteering

    We welcome any additional information visitors can provide regarding images on our website. 
    Please submit an Image Identification form with information you'd like to contribute, and we will update our records & website.

    For volunteer opportunities to translate text or conduct additional image research, please submit a Volunteer Signup form.


    Blair KH Naujok (Founder & Director)